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architects handbook professional practice

It looks like your browser needs updating. For the best experience on Quizlet, please update your browser. Learn More. Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement 7th Edition, Class Notes from Seminole State Fire Inspector Program, Notes from others who have passed the State inspection program ect. The use of a: Consent-To-Enter form will remove questions Standards and Codes are adopted by: the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) Standard is a set of principles, protocols, or procedures that is developed by committees through a consensus process. A private nonprofit organization that administers and coordinated the voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. NFPA 1 Uniform Fire Code NFPA 13 Standard for the installation of Sprinkler Systems NFPA 14 Standard for the installation of Standpipe and hose systems NFPA 101 Life Safety Code NFPA 1031 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner Smoke Damper Device installed in air ducts that penetrate a vertical or horizontal assemble such as a wall, floor, or ceiling. Designed to restrict the movement of smoke between compartments. Board of Appeals Has authority to interrupt fire code, consists of 3-7 members who have experience in fire prevention or building construction. Variance A one time modification Primary duty of a fire inspector to ensure the life safety of both citizens and fire and emergency responders. Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the combination of oxygen and other materials. Fire Triangle HEAT, OXYGEN, FUEL Fire Tetrahedron FUEL, OXYGEN, HEAT, CHEMICAL REACTION Air consists of 21 Percent Oxygen Potential Energy energy possessed by an object that may be released Chemical Heat Energy Energy that is released when two or more chemicals combine and react with one and another. Chemical heat energy is the most common source of heat in combustion reactions. Mechanical Heat Energy Form of energy generated by friction or compression.

Conduction Transfer of heat within an object or to another object by direct contact. Convection Transfer of heat energy from a fluid to a solid Radiation Transmission of energy as an electromagnetic wave, light waves, radio waves. Class A Fires Involve ordinary, solid, combustible materials such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics Class B Fires Involve flammable and combustible liquids and gasses such as gasoline, oil, lacquer. Class C Fires Involve energized electrical equipment Class D Fires Involve combustible metals such as aluminum Class K Fires Involve oils and greases normally found in commercial kitchens Fire Development Incipient Stage,, Growth Stage, Fully Developed, and Decay Thermal Layering Tendency of gasses to separate into layers according to temperature. Rollover Describes a condition where the unburned fire gases accumulated at the top of a compartment ignite and flames propagate through the hot-gas layer Fully Developed Stage Occurs when all combustible materials in the compartment are burning. Factors that affect Fire Fuel, Location, Compartment Volume, Ventilation, Ambient Conditions such as wind, humidity. Bearing Wall Wall that supports itself and the weight of the roof Type 1 Construction Non or Limited Combustible materials. Highest Safety Levels. Type 2 Construction Low Fire Risk, Materials won't contribute to the spread. Type 3 Construction Used in schools, churches, mercantile. Exterior walls are non-combustible. Type 4 Construction Heavy Timber, Large Dimensioned lumber. Type 5 Construction Commonly known as wood frame Assembly Occupancies 50 or more people, Churches, Arenas, Theaters. Business Occupancies Large number of occupants Educational Occupancies Pre-School through 12th grade. High Loads, Multiple Uses. Health Care and Ambulatory Care Occupancies 4 or more people who can not evacuate on their own Residential Board and Care Occupancies 4 or more unrelated to the owners.

Locations where lodging, boarding, and personal care are provided. Mercantile Occupancies Any building used to display or sell merchandise, potential for high loss of life, large quantities of combustibles Residential Occupancies Provide sleeping accommodations under conditions other than health care. Hotel Occupancies Sleeping rooms for transients Dormitory more than 16 persons that are unrelated, fraternity, schools Greater than 7 Stories it is a High Rise Mixed Use Occupancies Each is individually classified by its primary occupancy Parapet Portion of a wall that extends above the level of the roof Fusible Link Has an advantage of being inexpensive, rugged, and easy to maintain, but slower to operate and a significant amount of smoke can flow through before activation. Mean of Egress The means of Egress System is composed of three basic elements: Exit Access, Exit, Exit Discharge Public Way Parcel of land such as a street or sidewalk Stairs Solid and Slip Resistant, Landings must be provided so that no flight is greater than 12 feet, handrails are required for both sides. When 3 stories or less walls must have 1 hour rating, 4 stories or more 2 hour rating. Emergency Lighting Must provide the proper amount of illumination (1 Foot Candle for 90 Minutes) when power for lighting is interrupted. Exit Signs Letters must be 6 inches, must be positioned so exit access is no more than 100 feet away. Occupant Load Number of persons who may occupy a building or portion at one time. One Half Diagonal Rule When two exits are required, they are to be located not less than one-half the length of the overall diagonal dimension of the room Common Path of Travel Path that all occupants must travel in one direction before reaching a point where they may choose between two separate and distinct paths to exits. Manual Pull Stations can be Single Action or Double Action Proprietary Alarm Used to protect large complexes or several sites with one receiving point.

Uncontained Fires should not be allowed Within 50 feet of a structure Grounds around a Burn Pile or Bonfire should be Cleared of Vegetation or cut to less than 3 inches Three Primary Storage Method Pallet, Rack, Solid Materials stored inside may not be stacked closer than 2 feet from the ceiling without automatic sprinklers or 18 inches of those with. Parts of the assembly are separated to better illustrate What is a bond. The pattern in which masonry units are laid What causes heat and smoke to spread upward then outward within a building. Convection A disadvantage of a dry chemical extinguisher. Residue What is the fire resistance rating of an exit door in buildings 3 stories or less? 1 Hour A short squat column is called. More than 16 persons A structure will sustain its greatest load when the load is Axial How many days prior notice must a permit be obtained to use a tar kettle? 2 Days Light Frame Construction Another term for Type 5 construction (Ballon frame) Spec Building A building built without a tenant or occupant identified prior to construction Fire Stop Framing member designed to stop the spread of a fire within a wall cavity Board of Appeals A group, 5-7 individuals who have experience with fire prevention.Areas of Refuge Area where one or more people can wait safely for assistance during an emergency UL 300 Standard Used in Cooking Equipment Access Controlled Egress Egress side has a manual override during a fire alarm and an automatic override. Fire Command Center A room or area of a building where the status of the fire alarm equipment and there critical building systems associated with fire alarm systems can be manually controlled.

Annunciator Panel Panel that provides emergency responders with information about the location and type of alarm Maximum allowed level for all audible alarm signals 110 dBa Radiant Energy Detector A type of detector that looks for specific portions of the visible and invisible light spectrum produced by flames, sparks, or embers NFPA 72 Deals with National Fire Alarm Code Beam Detector Projects a narrow beam of light across a large open area from a sending unit to a receiving unit. When the beam is interrupted by smoke it activates the alarm Photoelectric Smoke Detector Uses a small light source, either an incandescent bulb or a light emitting diode to detect smoke. It is done by shining a light through the chamber and smoke particles reflect it. When the building falls outside of common design. Horizontal Exit Is an exit that allows occupants to egress from one side of a building to another through a fire resistance assembly 15lbs The maximum amount of pressure that needs to be placed upon delayed egress locks to initiate an audible alarm and county down to open. Ingress Entrances or a means to enter a structure from a public way Exit Discharge The portion of the means of egress system between the termination of the exit and the public way Travel Distance The total distance a person travels within the exit access to reach an enclosed exit stairway or exterior door, or horizontal exit Wet Barrel Hydrant Popular in warm climates. The battle is full with water at all times Dry Barrel hydrant water is pumped or drained when not in use. It protects it in freezing climates. 200 PSI for 2 Hours Minimum pressure required during a hydrostatic test to check for leaks. Hip Roof It is a pitched roof that has no gables and all facets of the roof slope down from the peak.

They have a raised central section that extends several feet above the surrounding roof surface Post-tensioned Reinforcing The Reinforcing steel is tensioned after the concrete is hardened Pre-tensioned reinforcing Steel strands are stretched between anchors producing a tensile force in the steel, then concrete is placed around and allowed to harden. Rafter Inclined beam that supports a roof, runs parallel to the slope Smoldering Burning with a little smoke and no flame Pre-ignition Energy transfer from a gas to a fuel Bollard Freestanding post designed to protect fire hydrants Water Hammer Suddenly stopping the water moving though a hose or pipe. It results in an energy surge being transmitted in the opposite direction Check Valve Permits water flow in one direction Backflow Preventer Device designed to keep the backward flow of fire system water into the potable water system Fuel Load Maximum amount of combustible material in a given area of a building 8,000 BTU Amount of heat that can be absorbed by 1 gallon of water Decay Stage of a fire in which the available fuel is exhausted or oxygen level drops below 16% NFPA 20 Standards for the installation of stationary pumps for fire protection Pitot tube Measures the velocity pressure Jockey Pump Term used to describe a small pump used to maintain the pressure level in water based fire protection due to small fluctuations in the system Driver Term used to describe an electric engine or diesel motor that provides power to the fire pump What is cold flow. The creeping or sliding of the fusible link of a sprinkler head caused by repeated heating How often you should do a halon test. Turns to chalk What size basements require sprinkler protection? 2500 Square Feet or More What is the color Coding and GPM on hydrants. Less Than 100 Degrees F, OVER 100 it is combustible What is needed to stabilize a pre-cast tilt slab wall. Roof What are two common types of smoke detectors.

IONIZATION and Photo-Electric At what temp do cold draw steel cables fail? 800 Degrees F Aluminum Fails at 1200 Degrees F What are 3 activating devices on sprinkler heads. Fusible Link, Glass Bulb, Chemical Pellet What is another term for pictorial drawings. Renderings How long will rough cut timber last in a fire? 5 minute per inch How often are sprinkler systems tested. Every month well school is in session. What is the name of the test used to rate flame spread. Steiner Tunnel Test What type of doors do freight Elevators have. Counter Balanced What is the minimum fire resistance rating for enclosures connecting 4 or more stories? 2 Hour What are the dimension lines. They extend for length of distance being measured What is vellum. Transparent paper original drawings are on What type of mortar is for underground masonry. NO What is the name of a beam that supports other beams? Girder What are the mounting requirements for fire alarm pull boxes. Also the travel distance may not exceed 200 feet and one per floor minimum. When must apartments have fire alarm systems? When they are 3 or more stories and 11 or more living units How often are fire pumps for standpipes tested. WEEKLY How often are fire service elevators tested. MONTHLY What type of Class A fire is halon not very effective on. Tension and Compression What are 3 types of fire pump drivers. Electric, Diesel, Steam Explain pressure relieving valves. Any outlet that may have an outlet PSI greater than 100 Stand Pipe Locations. Must be where any part of the floor is within 130 foot reach. 100 feet of hose and 30 feet of stream. They must also be a noncombustible fire rated stair wells. The function of a jockey pump is to. Maintain Pressure in the system Stand Pipes are Needed in buildings where. It is greater than 75' o the highest occupied floor or LARGE 1 story buildings (think horizontal) What is the retard chamber for.

It prefills with water during surges allowing water to the electronic alarm thus preventing false alarms Air is removed rapidly from a dry pipe system by. A minimum of 18 inches What are the requirements for spare sprinkler heads? 1-300 Heads you need 6 spares on hand 301-1000 Heads you need 12 spares on hand What is the color of the frangible bulb of an ordinary sprinkler head. Orange or Red What is the pressure at the highest sprinkler head in the system? 15 PSI with a 7PSI residual. What type of construction with exterior weight bearing walls have a 1 hour fire resistance rating. Ordinary construction What is the chief characteristics of ordinary construction. Exterior walls made of masonary What is a drawback of sand lime mortar. It is a force that passes through the centroid of the section under construction. Structures have their greatest load when axial.When is a Pre-Action system used. When it is important that the water damage be prevented, even if the pipes break accidentally. They should be operated weekly and be done by in-plant managers. What is a clapper valve. It opens when the system flows water from the supply side and also opens the pumping to retard the chamber. What is a check valve. Used to limit the flow in one direction Extinguisher Mounting Extinguishers weighing under 40lbs may have a top no more than 5 feet above the floor. Also the bottom must be no closer than 4 inches to the ground Halon Extinguishers Are best suited for delicate electrical equipment, they test them semi annually Components of a truss Top and bottom are called chords Connections are called panel points Struts are compressive connecting members Truss Failure Any part of the truss fails it completely fails At what temperature does steel being to fail.A wood joist spanning wall to wall What is a Wythe. A single continuous vertical wall of masonry units What is another name of the solution composed of POTASSIUM CARBONATE.

A wet chemical extinguishing agent What is a plot plan. A drawing showing the location of a building on its plot of land and various details. It is also know as a site plan. What is a benchmark. A known elevation of a plot plan. What are the internal forces in a building which resist the load. Stress and Strain What is an impact load. Loads applied, or delivered, to a building in a short period of time. What is a ridge? The horizontal member at the peak of the roof. What is a hip jack? It extends from the top plate of the building to the hip rafter. What is a hip rafter. A rafter that extends from an outside corner of a building to the ridge board, usually at 45 degree to the ridge. What is a circuit? Two or more conductors carrying electricity from the source to the electrical device and returning. What is diameter? The length of a line running between two points on the circle passing through the center Is a painting plan a common type of plan. NO What is the pressure in a dry sprinkler system? 15 to 20 PSI above trip point. What is the length of time a temporary platform may be erected? 30 Days If sprinklers are omitted from a closet, it may not be over what size? 24 Square Feet What is the purpose of the life safety code. To provide minimum requirements for life and safety from fire and similar emergencies What is an atrium. An opening through a series of floors for the purpose other than an enclosed stairway Where is the annunciator panel located in a building. In an area approved by the AHJ Is exit access permitted though dining rooms and sitting rooms? Yes, just not through storage rooms or kitchens What is a sectional line. Used in a sectional view to show that the material has been cut by the cutting plane What is the egress minimum width from sleeping areas in health care occupancies? 48 inches What are hidden lines. Medium weight and composed of short dashes.

They define edges and surfaces that are not visible in a particular view What is the upper part of a truss called. Chord On a plan what is a schedule. A list of details for building components such as doors, windows, or beams What is a lintel. Support for a masonry opening, usually steel or special form, such as pre-cast concrete What increments do modular drawings use? 4 In an isometric drawing, what angles are the horizontal planes drawn above the horizon? 30 Degrees What does veneer do. Improves appearance and no load bearing What is a flitch plate girder. Is made by sandwiching a piece of steel between two wooden beams What are two methods for pre-stressing concrete. Pre-tensioning done at the plant, and post-tensioning done at the job site What is a fire cut. When the end of a joist is cut off at an angle to permit the joist to fall out of the masonry wall without damaging the wall What is a chase. A passageway, usually vertical, cut into a masonry wall for pipe or conduit What is a live load. Any loads to a building other than the dead loads What is a dead load.One supported by 3 or more points What is a concentrated load. A load located at one point What is Ashlar Masonry Stone cut rectangular units What is the covering over studs called. Sheathing What should an inspector do before preforming any inspection. Ask PERMISSION Bricks laid lengthwise are call what course. The stretcher course What type of valve limits the flow in one direction. Check valves What is chipboard. Wood chips glued together to make flat sheets What is used to test a wet pipe system to prevent unseating and the alarm. It is tested with the alarm bypass valve How high are walls for a corner test? 25 Feet How hot can fluorescent light fixtures get. Up to 1500 degrees What ATSM number is the radiant panel fire test. E-119 What is a lapse. When atmospheric temperatures are constantly decreasing as height increases What is a pause.

If there is a layer of air warmer than the air below, the condition is called a pause What is referred to as original rack storage. Libraries What is the standard for general storage sprinklers. The temperature at which vapor pressure of the liquid is equal to the external pressure applied to it. What type of ID is required for bulk haz-mat storage. A 4 Digit ID What are the steps for performing a main drain test. Observe, Open, Observe, Close What is the symbol for Class C fires. It is a BLUE Circle What is the minimum distance needed between large LPG tanks and other flammable liquid storage tanks? 20 Feet What defines Educational Occupancies. Used for Education, Through 12th Grade, Used by 6 or more people for more than 4 hours per day or 12 hour per week What is a means of egress A continuous and unobstructed way of travel from any point in a building to a public way What are the three parts of a Means of Egress. Exit Access, Exit, Exit Discharge Do fire escape stairs count as a means of Egress. NO What does NFPA 1031 cover. Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspectors. NFPA 30 Combustible and Flammable Liquids Code Residential sprinkler systems require what size piping and what supply requirements. To water flow test a sprinkler system what is used. Inspectors Test Valve Balconies and Mezzanines with a load greater than 100 must have how many Means of Egress. No less than 2 How many people should be on the board of Appeals. Up to 7 What two materials is flame spread based on. Asbestos (0 Rating) Red Oak Wood (100 Rating) What are the four basic components of a dry chemical extinguishing system. Storage tank, piping, nozzles, actuating mechanism Most electrical fires are caused how. Arcs and overheating What is a gusset plate. A piece of metal of plywood used to reinforce a joint of a truss What is the minimum rating of a door into an exit access corridor?

20 Minutes What is the minimum distance between above ground flammable or combustible storage tanks? 3 Feet What are two common type of extinguishing agents in hood systems? Potassium Carbonate and Acetate In regards to ordinary household lamp, what are the percentages of light and Heat? 10 Percent Light, 90 Percent Heat What is the minimum clearance for combustible materials for cooking equipment? 18 Inches Where are the notes placed for a welding symbol. Notes are placed within the tail If a straight line is not running horizontal or vertical which way is it running. An inclined line Which landings have standpipe connection in Scissor Stairs. Alternating Floors Which drawing is the most realistic view. The Pictorial Drawing What is the maximum travel distance for a Class D Extinguisher. Not to exceed 75 feet What type of material is Halon ineffective on. Self-Oxidizing What is an exploded pictorial drawing. Used to show the relative position of parts or construction detail What is a floor plan. It is a sectional view taken on a horizontal plane 42' to 48' above the floor What is a Border Line. It is located near the edge of the sheet of drawing paper, used to separate various portions of the drawing. How many times stronger is steel than concrete? 15 times What is a birds mouth cut. A cut in the rafter to make it fit flush on the top plate What type of door is required for a flammable storage room. Self Closing Rate of Rise detectors depend on what. Expansion characteristics of heat. Will activate if there is a 12-15 degree per minute rise An exhauster release air where. The outside What is fire load. The maximum amount of heat that can be produced if all the combustible materials in a given area burn Is carbon steel used in cryogenic tanks. No How often are fire service elevators tested. Monthly What type of sprinkler head hangs down. Pendant What is the distance required between explosives and unpacking area?

50 Feet How often are pumps tested and run for standpipes. Weekly How many inches per person for bleacher and grandstand seating? 18 What is the rating for doors in a smoke proof enclosure? 20 Minutes Fire Dampers are activated how. By fusible links What is the discharge size of the Inspectors Test connection. The discharge orifice shall be equal in size to the smallest sprinkler in the system What is the hour rating of the roof in a dry cleaning facility. Not less than 1 hour What are the hazards of dip tank operations. Fire involving the liquids and explosions involving the vapor and air mixtures Who has the ultimate authority to make changes in fire code. AHJ (Authority having.) What is the maximum travel distance on a landing to reach the stairs? 4 Feet What are the two types of automatic roof vent designs. Fusible Link type and Drop out Panel type The thickness of wood used for fire stopping is what. No less than 2 inches What is the activation temperature of an Orange head sprinkler? 500-575 F Ultra High What is a Beam. A horizontal structural member used to span between posts, columns or walls What is fire resistance. The ability of a structural assembly to maintain its load bearing ability under fire conditions According to NFPA 1 what is a highly volatile liquid. A liquid with a boiling point of less than 68 degrees F What is the most critical thing for an inspector to check in a warehouse. NO The smallest diameter Heavy Timber can be is: 6 Inches What type of Electrical outlet should be installed in bathrooms? GCFI, also install anywhere water is within 6 feet in kitchens What is the maximum travel distance to an exit in a sprinkler protected education building? 200 Feet What is a common type of indicating valve. What are 3 things that an Inspectors report should do. Inform, Analyze, and Recommend. Defined as having a flashpoint above 100 F A combustible What is the ignition temperature of Carbon Monoxide ?

1128 F A fixed storage tank is a vessel of how many gallons ? 60 gallons or larger What are wooden peg pins called. Trunnels Wood shingles are rated by. NFPA 256 What NFPA Standard covers Hoods and Ducts. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Florida State Fire Inspector Study Guide. To get started finding Florida State Fire Inspector Study Guide, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Florida Fire Inspector Study Guide. To get started finding Florida Fire Inspector Study Guide, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. Exam questions are developed according to the subject, content, and learning objectives in the Fire Inspector I program. Students will review the Fire Inspector guides and complete three practice tests. Course enrollment is valid for 30 days. Exam questions are developed according to the subject, content, and learning objectives in the Fire Inspector I program. Students will review the Fire Inspector guides and complete three practice tests. Course enrollment is valid for 30 days.

And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Florida Fire Inspector Exam Study Guide. To get started finding Florida Fire Inspector Exam Study Guide, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Florida Fire Inspector Exam Study Guide. To get started finding Florida Fire Inspector Exam Study Guide, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of manuals listed. Our library is the biggest of these that have literally hundreds of thousands of different products represented. I get my most wanted eBook Many thanks If there is a survey it only takes 5 minutes, try any survey which works for you. I'm looking into taking the state test for Florida Fire Safety Inspector 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.I m about to sign up and take the test my self. Did you find any material that helped you with the exam. I have been using study guides from Quizlet. But if I could find a specific study guide for it would be fantastic. I had a great study guide for HAZMAT Tech and it helped out a lot. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, I would like to take it before they change it to the new version of the test. After successfully completing your course via our virtual campus, we will upload your information into FCDICE, and the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training can apply the appropriate CEU's toward your certification or renewal. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. Please try again.Please try again.Please try again.